4 Things I’ve Learned In The Last Year Before Year 40

4 Things I’ve Learned In The Last Year Before Year 40

April 1, 2018 2 By

March was a busy month for me with travel for a work conference and travel for fun. I had amazing times in Portland and on the Big Island, Hawaii, eating delicious food and enjoying lots of drinks with friends. I also hiked less, neglected writing, and got less sleep.

My plan for April is about getting back to outdoors: hiking, training, eating better, drinking less, focusing on writing, doing more running and yoga and preparing for adventure season.

It’s about to be my birthday in 8 days and it’s a big one that will include a lot of reflection. So here are four things I’ve learned in the last year before year 40:

1.) There’s never a better time than to get shit done than now. Stop thinking about maybe someday trying… if it’s important, make it happen. If not, let it go.

2.) Vulnerability and being open about your greatest fears is freeing. I care so much less about other people’s judgements as I get older. The people who I trust and spend time with are the ones whose opinions matter. Everyone else can make their own choices about how they see me but I can’t spend time worrying about it.

3.) There are times to say yes to things (at work, with friends, projects, etc.) but even more importantly is discerning what to say no to. Does saying yes improve your life or others? Does it make you happier? Then, yes. If not, it’s ok to not please everyone by stretching yourself too thin.

4.) Community is something you have to continually seek, expand, and cultivate. I’ve always struggled to feel like I belong in groups, that I am enough and to not feel like an imposter. This has been especially true with outdoor groups, when I don’t have as much experience or skills. If it’s where you want to be, then it’s where you belong. It’s ok to ask others to teach you, and it’s ok to keep trying even when you fail. But you also have to get to where you want to be by being willing to put in the hard work, training, practicing, learning, and practicing again.

The weather is getting warmer and I’m eager to start filling up the calendar with adventures. And I know I’ll learn something on every single one. Older, wiser, stronger.