2018, Let’s Do This!

2018, Let’s Do This!

January 12, 2018 2 By

About a month ago at the start of winter, I felt really excited for 2018 and what it might bring. Then in the last week of December I got a horrible cold, hit a mattress with my car on interstate driving back home from the airport, and my heater broke in my house.  Suddenly it was already January and I felt the new year start with a sort of fog. Finally the fog is lifting, I have recovered from my cold, and have gotten out on my first hike of 2018.


Maybe the New Year is just a turn of a calendar but it’s always a time to reset your intentions and think about what you want to accomplish.  I have lots of goals I could try to check off: climb Mt St. Helens and South Sister, climb another 14er in Colorado when I visit this summer, meet my best friends new baby…but with a simple two words this is my motivation behind the decisions about how I spend my time in 2018: choose outside.  When deciding to go on a hike or watch a movie on the couch…hike. Drive 3 hours to Smith Rock to climb or save money…climb.  Work on mowing the lawn or backpack for the night….backpack.  On a pleasant summer morning, drive to work or bike…bike.

Here’s my advice to myself and anyone reading.  Watch more sunsets at the ocean.  Say yes more.  Go where you are asked. Go where you were never supposed to go. Summit that mountain. Crush that route. Discover the waterfall and that new trail. Photograph that tall tree or unique rock formation. Dare to discover. Bring others with you. And repeat.

2018 is especially important to me since I will be entering a new decade. Life becomes 40 years. 10 years since the worst year of my life. I choose to make it the best. It’s not just about what is easy. It’s about risk, vulnerability, and growth. It’s about touching that hold that is just out of your reach you know you can grasp if you just regain your balance.

Set your intentions. Live with Integrity. Find Hope. Be open to adventures, love and grace and also, maybe some delicious donuts.


Pip’s Donuts are the best!

2018, let’s do this!